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"Little is known about Zoroaster, including when and where he lived. Roughly, we date him to around 1200 B.C.E." [Great Courses: Axial Age Guidebook, p. 16] "Zoroaster was one of those shining Lamps Who has enlightened the people of a large part of western Asia. He, like Krishna, Buddha and Moses established a new civilization that lasted for centuries. . . . Zoroaster not only completed His Mission, but also gave the glad-tidings that in the fullness of time, the World Saviour, Whom He called Sushiyant or Sháh-Bahrám, would appear and triumph over the Evil One. He also specified the date of His appearance, stating that a period of 3,060 years of conflict would continue before Ahríman would be conquered and the era of blessedness and peace would be ushered into the world. This date corresponds to the age when Bahá’u’lláh announced that He was the fulfillment of all the Prophets of the past." [Fatheazam: New Garden, p. 31-32]

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Zoroaster establishes monotheistic faith similar to Judaism, Christianity & Islam