People (Philosophy)
Excerpts from Books and Wikipedia
"Along with his teacher Plato, he has been called the "Father of Western Philosophy". [Wikipedia]
"As in the discipline of medicine, so in the field of philosophy Ibn Sina outshone all. His philosophic system, neither Aristotelian nor Platonic, neither Stoic nor Neo-Platonic, came to dominate the thought of the East and left visible marks on brilliant intellects in the West, notably the leading scholastics, Albertus Magnus and Thomas Aquinas. Ibn Sina could not give full assent to any single one of the great schools. He chose carefully the Greek ideas he would adopt to synthesize with various strands of thought found in the Islamic milieu. [Balyuzi: Muhammad and the Course of Islam, p. 314]
For the first time Aristotle emerged as he had been, and when the commentaries of Ibn-Rushd were put into Latin the Western world came to know the true Aristotle. The profound effect of this discovery was reflected in the Thomism of St. Thomas Aquinas. Ibn-Rushd like Ibn-Sina maintained that matter was ancient and eternal. Likewise he rejected belief in corporeal resurrection and predestination." [Balyuzi: Muhammad and the Course of Islam, p. 315-6]